About Us

Welcome to DIY Money, where storytelling meets expertise to create a captivating audio experience. Our podcast is more than just a show; it’s a journey through the worlds of finance.

Spend Less, Invest the Rest

DIY Money was born from the idea of helping people that may never step foot inside a full-service wealth management firm. Bringing their decades of experience to the airwaves, each week the professionals from Joule Financial a premier Wealth Advisory firm, answer your questions about everything from budgeting to investing. 

Our Story

With over 20 years of experience, Quint Tatro and Daniel Czulno have a passion for helping folks who desire to go it alone in the world of personal finance and investing. Whether you’re looking to start a simple budget and get out of debt or you’re developing a full-blown financial and retirement plan, DIY Money is for those who want to drive the ship towards their retirement future.

Our Mission

We strive to foster a community of financial learners, where individuals come together to share experiences, insights, and success stories. Through the power of storytelling, expert interviews, and in-depth explorations of financial topics, we aim to inspire our audience to take control of their financial futures and achieve their dreams.

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